Is God Female? Is a Goddess responsible for the creation of our universe?

Is God Female? Is a Goddess responsible for the creation of our universe?

If it were so it would explain so much. Or would it? Does God have a sexual gender? And what if God decided to be female? Did the Goddess create Men for her own pleasure?

Call me crazy, but these ain’t my own ideas. This is the Universe as King Morris JM7 sees it!

King Morris JM7 paints us a future where spirituality, and sexuality are not just interconnected with one another, but a future where spirituality, sexuality, romance & passion become the very fabric, and foundation of our society. And of our every day lives.

He envisions for us a future so advanced and sophisticated, that frankly I do not think we are ready for. Thankfully, and ready or not, King Morris JM7 is here! And for the first time I just might sing “HALLELUJAH”. And maybe I am a believer. Amen.

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Published September 2 2019

New Women’s Hospital Opens in Arlington Texas.

Medical City Women’s Hospital Arlington is a brand new $60 Million dollar facility at Medical City Arlington in Texas.

The new facility includes:

A dedicated postpartum floor with 34 private patient rooms
4 spacious women’s premier postpartum suites
33 women’s services medical/surgical rooms
23 modern labor and delivery rooms
3 C-section operating rooms
35 Level III neonatal intensive care (NICU) beds, including 15 private NICU rooms
2 dedicated family overnight stay rooms for NICU patient family members.

The brand new facility also employs new staff trained in women’s health.

This year’s Women’s Speed Chess Championship to be Hosted by

Just Announced! will be hosting this year’s Women’s Speed Chess Championship.
All 2019 Women’s Speed Chess Championship matches will be broadcast live with full chess-master commentary on and  Qualifiers begin May 8th 2019. The list of qualifier players is as follows:

  1. GM Kateryna Lagno
  2. GM Alexandra Kosteniuk
  3. GM Valentina Gunina
  4. GM Harika Dronavalli
  5. GM Marie Sebag
  6. GM Irina Krush
  7. IM Anna Zatonskih
  8. To be announced.

Don’t miss Alexandra Kosteniuk at this year’s Women’s Speed Chess Championship.

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