New Study Reveals: Women Have Better Orgasms When They Smoke Marijuana Before Sex.

A new study just released by the Journal Science Medicine reveals that women who smoke marijuana right before sex have better and more satisfying orgasms.

The study also revealed women who smoke marijuana frequently have more satisfying orgasms then those who rarely smoke. Women who smoke weed frequently have increased sex drives. And also have less pain during sex.


New Women’s Hospital Opens in Arlington Texas.

Medical City Women’s Hospital Arlington is a brand new $60 Million dollar facility at Medical City Arlington in Texas.

The new facility includes:

A dedicated postpartum floor with 34 private patient rooms
4 spacious women’s premier postpartum suites
33 women’s services medical/surgical rooms
23 modern labor and delivery rooms
3 C-section operating rooms
35 Level III neonatal intensive care (NICU) beds, including 15 private NICU rooms
2 dedicated family overnight stay rooms for NICU patient family members.

The brand new facility also employs new staff trained in women’s health.